Fresh start at

As the title of the post claims, is going to have a fresh start, the 3rd one since I started this blog back in August 2012.

¡Let me explain where the blog is going from here!

What happened with the blog?

Back in june 2018 I restarted my blogging activity after 4 years since I left it. At that point I discovered PowerShell and I was wondered about the cool things I began to automate, so I decided to start writing about it in my old blog,

It was an incredible year of learning about PowerShell and I was able to write 113 posts on the subject, more than I could imagine when I began writing about it.

Some crazy things happened during the blogging year, like when after half a year of blogging I was awarded as a vExpert, and even reawarded the following year when I could only blog something more than half of the year.

Things in the blog were going pretty well, the amount of daily visits was increasing a lot and I was receiving pretty good feedback about my posts, but I began to get burned.

The sudden stop

I was in the middle of a series about Packer (trying to change a little bit of subject) but I felt that I could not continue with it, I was not enjoying the blogging activity itself.

At my job I was not doing too much of PowerShell programming anymore and I did not find the time and the strenght to keep investigating by my own.

I found out that I was only blogging to keep increasing the visits and to maintain the vExpert “status”. That was absolutely opposite to the reason I began blogging in the first instance: to force me to learn and help others in the process.

I had to stop and rethink about the blog.

A new beggining

If you were following my posts in the past you can notice two things that have already changed:

  • The most obvious, I’m writing in English: Like I said before, this blog is mainly me trying to push myself to a constant learning state. I always liked the English language, but since high school I wasn’t able to practice it too much, so I thought that this could be a good way to complement the English classes that I started a few months ago.
  • The aesthetics of the blog changed: It’s not just the aesthetics, I made a full migration from a full blown Wordpress blog self hosted in a DigitalOcean dropplet to a static blog generated with Hugo and hosted for free in Netlify (I will blog about this transition as I’m super excited with my new blogging workflow and the overall performance improvement of the blog).

And these are just the first steps of the new

What will you find in this blog from here?

These are some of the changes that you can expect from this blog in the near future:

  • New topics: The times where I was only blogging about PowerShell are gone. There’s a lot of technologies that I want to explore and I will be blogging about them as I’m learning (more about my learning plan in the near future).
  • Probably less posts: One of the things that burned me was my self-imposition to publish at least one post per week. Now I’m just going to learn and let the posts flow, what probably will lead to less posts per month.
  • English posts: Yes, I’m sorry about that, I know that my level for some could not be the best, but that’s me trying to improve.

I will be updating about my learning journey in this blog, when it makes sense to write a full post, or on my Twitter account for smaller chunks of information. See you there!